Best fountain pens

Fountain pens are fantastic tools that can be used for both writing and drawing.

It has been more than 150 years since the invention of the stylus pen and we know that there are stylograph pens of all types and prices so we want to give you the opportunity to acquire the perfect pen for you.

Our lists and rankings are always created with respect to the quality and price of the product, in this case fountain pens. We take into account the best price for you, as well as the best sellers from Amazon. But always with good ratings and opinions of customers who have already bought the item. We also look for the best offers and the biggest discounts on Fountain Pens. We look for the best for you. Our lists are continuously updated to give you the latest information, so we never miss a bargain. Here is the list of the Best Fountain Pens:

Waterman Carene : Waterman Carène Essential Fountain Pen, Gloss Black ...

A great fountain pen to represent the great Waterman brand, a brand that was very fashionable in the 90’s.

Dark brown and deep black curved lacquered body for an unmistakably pleasant writing experience
The elaborate gold trim and the 23-carat gold clip convey a luxurious and dynamic style
Inspired by the majestic bow of a yacht, the integrated, highly polished solid 18K gold nib boasts a sophisticated curved design that glides effortlessly across the page
It has been meticulously crafted in France to bring a touch of distinction to your writing style.

Lamy 200

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review – ...

The one we present today is a Lamy Studio with a brushed stainless steel finish and a hardened steel nib.

A fantastic finish, very Bauhaus style, in matt and with a very nice touch.

Despite being a metal pen, the weight is very contained 27 g and measures 13 cm long without the cap and 15.5 cm post.

Pilot Custom 823

wtf Pilot Custom 823 - | Caligrafia pluma, Lapices y Plumas

Pilot does a really splendid job with the little details. The material is a slightly translucent acrylic, in this case grey.
The amount of translucency is quite minimal, but enough to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the pen (the tip is covered by a solid black inner cap, so unfortunately you can’t see the tip when the pen is closed).
The 823 has gold-plated trims, and the typical triangular clip with ball end.

Parker Sonnet

PARKER sonnet original black rack CT multi pen Black S11130612 ...

The sonnet fountain pens have been meticulously assembled and inspected by hand to ensure impeccable quality, providing great accuracy and exceptional writing comfort
Product presented in a high quality gift box, ideal as a timeless present to celebrate a very special moment
The pen features a twist-action mechanism and a medium tip ideal for smoother, more even writing; includes a black quinkflow ink refill.

Sailor 1911

Sailor 1911 "Special Nib" Sailor 1911 "Special Nib" Black GT ...

The Sailor 1911 Simply Black pen is a variant of the famous 1911 model that stands out for the purity of its lines, thanks to the absence of a ring on the cap. It is made of black PMMA resin. Ornaments bathed in nickel chrome. 21K rhodium-plated gold nib available in EF, F, M, B, Z and MS points. Closed length: 14.1 cm. Maximum diameter: 1.8 cm.

Faber Castell Ondoro (graphite) : Faber-Castell Ondoro Fountain Pen (Graphite) (Broad ...

I come to present a Faber Castell Ondoro
The Faber fountain pen, which is post loaded and charged by a converter, weighs 44 grams (3 of which belong to the converter). Unposted and ready for service, it drops to 28 grams. If length is closed 12.8 cm and in use without posting 12.5 cm.
This fountain pen stands out because of its hexagonal contours
which makes it a very personal piece of writing, expressing its authenticity and giving it a comfortable grip and pleasant writing.

Waterman Preface Waterman Preface - Pluma estilográfica GT (punta de 18 ...

This particular Waterman dates from the mid 1990s, and played in the same price range that the Executive/Exclusive lines did, and the one the Charleston is in today.

It has a tubular barrel design and rich opulent finishes make Preface the ultimate in style and luxury , as well as writing pleasure.

The solid 18k gold fountain pen nib is richly enhanced with and engraved Waterman logo and the ” 18K-750″ marking.

History of the fountain pen

Improved fountain pen brands have developed this writing accessory into a collector’s item. It seems very evident that technology has made way for traditional writing methods, but fountain pens are still one of the best-selling luxury items in the world, and fountain pens are a symbol of distinction and passion for the traditional.

Among the best brands of fountain pens we find houses that have revolutionized writing, with patents that may seem obvious today, but that at the time were a revolution.

On this occasion we would like to review the history of the fountain pen as an exclusive object and the best fountain pen brands in history, all of which are represented in our catalogue of second-hand pens.

The concept of a fountain pen comes from the original meaning of the word, as in ancient times real bird’s feathers were used as a common writing instrument. The mechanism was very simple, first the pen was plucked to simply leave the cane, then the sharpest end was slightly wet and with it the paper on which the ink was printed was torn.

Ducks, turkeys and swans were the most popular birds for making writing pens, although this method was quite cumbersome. There was no way to control the amount of ink left on the paper, and it was very common to leave blotches on the paper because it was not worked with a dispenser.

The first pen with an ink dosing system dates from the 10th century, although the system was very different from the current one. In fact, no trace of this device has been found, we only know of its existence thanks to writings of the time.

The first steel pen was born in the 19th century, it was Bryan Donkin who used this material to adapt it to writing, although it was a very heavy fountain pen. In the same century, Waterman patented the first system with an ink reservoir capable of dosing the amount of ink that reached the paper.

The first fountain pen was born in 1883 when L. E. Waterman invented the multichannel feeder, which was also produced for the first time in series. These pens were recharged from the back with droppers, a very expensive process.

Since then the fountain pen industry has not stopped evolving, in fact brands continue to patent all kinds of systems that improve the use of ink and lighten the weight of the pen.

What are the best brands of fountain pens?

These are the traditional brands that have dominated the fountain pen market for decades, some of which have developed some of the most iconic pens in history.


This is the oldest writing company in the world. It may be known for its manufacture of pens, but Faber Castell manufactures luxury fountain pens that accumulate awards year after year.

Based on noble materials, Faber Castell’s pens are absolutely handcrafted, which is why they are recognisable at first sight. The Ambition pen is one of their most famous models, with a perfect mix of noble wood (pear wood in its best known model) and light metals such as steel.


Like the earlier mark, Montblanc is a company based in Germany. For many, it is the brand par excellence in the field of fountain pens. Its six-pointed, rounded star has accompanied all kinds of personalities, from decisive politicians in the history of mankind to writers and thinkers.

The Meisterstück resin pen is one of Montblanc’s most famous models, a lightweight pen with gold appointments that has become a cult object for all lovers of writing.


Every writing enthusiast has at least one piece from this American manufacturer.

Parker pens are unbeatable value for money. It has original patents such as the curved feeder, and also offers models such as the Parker 51 in its catalogue, a pen that sold millions of pieces during the Second World War in the United States, unmistakable in its design.


Waterman’s founder was Lewis Edson Waterman, a New Yorker, but he moved his headquarters to France. Among his milestones, Waterman pens were the first to feature a pocket clip, or the retractable Safety Pen, which prevented the nib from staining.

The Chesterton GT is a timeless classic. An Art Deco design with a solid gold nib that is as modern as it is classic in its execution.


It is a French brand specialized in all kinds of exclusive objects, which has an extensive offer of luxury pens.

The Atelier collection is one of the most exclusive in the world, where you can see the experience of more than a century focused on the most luxurious products.


The diamond brand also manufactures luxury fountain pens. Chopard stands for elegance and good taste, as does each of its fountain pen models. An exquisite design in luxury pens such as the Happy Diamonds model, heir to the product range of the same name that has popularised Chopard for decades.
The Meisterstück resin pen is one of Montblanc’s most famous models, a lightweight pen with gold appointments that has become a cult object for all lovers of writing.